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We bring a taste of Africa to you with our 100% pure Shea butter, genuine imported African bridal brooms, unique silk thread art from Ghana, hand-selected African Masks, as well as men and women’s clothing and African Kente Clutch Bags.




Kente Clutch Bags
Kente Clutch bags are a great accent for a variety of ensembles. They come in authentic, multi-colored African designs made by hand.

African Kente Clutch Bags




Shea Butter
100% pure Shea butter products from African World Imports & Tours is shipped in the calabash, which maintains the original freshness of the pure Shea butter.

Shea ButterShea Butter has been revered and used for centuries in Africa because of its mystical skin-nourishing and healing properties. The high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and F makes Shea butter a rich and powerful moisturizer.

100% Shea Butter - with 100% pure Essential oils added for Aromatherapy.
Available with or without these essential oils -
Grapefruit, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree.   Learn more...

100% Shea butter helps reduce stretch marks, premature facial lines, eczema, burns, rashes, dry scalp, and many other skin conditions. Shea butter will improve the quality of your skin and hair. Use Shea butter on your hands, feet and as Shea body butter for a deep skin moisturizer. Real Shea butter has been used for generations to help babies sleep better as well.

Order your Shea butter now for skin as beautiful as Cleopatra!

Silk Thread Art
African Silk Thread Art featuring incredibly colorful and stunning majestic Silk Thread Art from Ghana. This silk thread art is hand woven using colorful arrays of silk thread. The silk thread is applied to a leather canvas one color at a time and arranged in rows, which work around in spiral shapes and often changes directions to contrast the flow of color. This embroidery like artwork involves abstracts, illustrative and scenery images woven together using silk thread. This old art form originated with the Ashanti people of modern day Ghana and this form of thread art weaving is used to make the colorful royal kente cloth, which has transformed this beautiful silk thread art into tapestry-like artwork that may be purchased with or without a frame.  Visit our gallery

African Clothing
Our clothing is custom made to your specific measurements for the best fit. We specialize in African Lace dresses and skirt suits for women, along with silk sheda and embroidered fashions. You can request the traditionally long dresses or the new style knee length or mini dresses.

The men's clothing can also be in the traditional garb with long embroidered top and trousers, or the new style shirts made of jean material. The most popular item is the Kente vest made with the authentic material or imitation.





Fringe Necklace

Fringe Necklace by Christie Brown Ghana

- Long multi strand necklace
- Individually hand stitched using
  African cotton print fabric
- Statement piece
- Tie fastening at back with satin ribbon

Team this fabulous necklace with jeans
and t-shirt and make a bold statement.

REDUCED!!! $110.00

Order Here




Bridal Brooms

Many in honor and respect to our African and African-American ancestors and heritage, practice this Ritual and Tradition. This "leap" into a new (married) life as husband and wife is performed in the presence of families and friends.

Our bridal brooms can be used as wall decor after the ceremony to remind the couple of their new life and commitment to each other.

Available in a variety of styles.  View all...



African Tours & Vacations

One-of-a-kind Kenya tours, Tanzania tours, West Africa tours, South Africa tours Plus: African honeymoons, Destination weddings / wedding moons, cruises, family vacations, and group tours worldwide.

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