Hand-carved by local and famous Ghanaian artists

Artifacts are crafts hand-carved into objects made out of wood from different types of trees (mahogany, oak and maple) grown at the Aburi Center in Ghana by different artists. Our most popular items are the elephant stools, African map table, giraffe, camel and our special made to order items like the Totem Pole.

Carved Masks & Busts


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Authentic Carved Masks Created by African artisans, each beautifully carved wooden mask, evokes a different style and mood. Choose one or all three to enhance your home.

Mask A
Item # MA-AA-0002
Price: $50.00

Mask B
Item # MMB-AA-0001
Price: $75.00

Mask C
Item # MMC-AA-0003
Price: $55.00


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Carved Mahogany Masks
Two hand-carved mahogany wood masks with partially open eyes.

Two Carved Mahogany Masks
Item # MW-DO-0001
Price: $150.00


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Egyptian Pharaoh Mask
Bring Egypt into your home with this beautiful black and green mask of a mysterious pharaoh.

Pharaoh Mask
Item # PL-AA-0001
Price: $100.00


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Carved Wooden Bust
This beautifully carved bust of a woman features brown and tan patterned headrest.

Carved Wooden Bust
Item # LA-AA-0001
Price: $400.00

Please contact us for more information


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African Print Dolls
Cloth dolls in authentic
African garb.
Let us pick one for you!

African Print Dolls
Item # DA-AA-0001
Price: $25.00 each


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Authentic Kente Cloth

Kente is the primary woven fabric produced by the people in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The traditional colorful red, gold, and green are one of the several variations of the “liberation colors”. Red for the blood (shed by millions in captivity), gold for the mineral wealth (prosperity), and green for the vegetation of the land of Africa (home).


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Cloth Placemats

Authentic Kente Placemats, set of 6
Item # KP-SD-0001
Price: $125.00




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Authentic Kente Tablecloth

Price: Market Value
Because this is a customized item, we ask that you please email us or call us with the measurements of the table and we would be more than happy to get a price for you!



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Necklace by Christi Brown Ghana


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Fringe Necklace

- Long multi strand necklace
- Individually hand stitched using
  African cotton print fabric
- Statement piece
- Tie fastening at back with
  satin ribbon

Team this fabulous necklace with jeans and t-shirt and make a bold statement.

Item # FN-CB-0033
Price: $110.00


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