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The Seychelles
The fascinating Seychelles are made up of 100 islands scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Isolated for thousands of years they have an extraordinary plant and animal life, many of which are endemic to the area. The tropical waters, made famous by Jacques Cousteau, are an exotic and beautiful coral underworld. Each island is unique and, with the combination of lush green vegetation surrounded by white sandy beaches, they appear like precious jewels in the turquoise waters.

Mahé, the largest of The Seychelles boasts no less than sixty eight powdery white sand beaches surrounded by coral reefs. The abundant vegetation rises through plantations of coconut palms and cinnamon to forested peaks that afford fantastic views of the neighbouring islands. The capital, Victoria, has a number of Creole restaurants, craft shops, art galleries and a colourful fruit market. At the superb Botanical Gardens highlights include giant tortoises, an orchid garden and the unique coco-de-mer palm from neighbouring Praslin.
Seychelles Royal Cruise
Prices starting from $3,520 per person

Duration: 14 nights
(11 night cruise, 2 nights hotel, 1 night on aircraft)
Departure Dates: 19 Jul. 2003. 10 Jan., 10 Apr. 2004.
Day 1:  Saturday Departure
UK - Mombasa, Kenya.
Fly overnight direct from Gatwick to Mombasa.
Days 2 & 3:  Mombasa, Kenya

Early morning arrival and transfer to an African Safari Club hotel for two nights.

Day 4 - 6:  Mahé, Seychelles
Transfer to Mombasa airport for your early morning flight to Mahé. Embark m.s. Royal Star and stay on board for three nights. Sail at 0600 hours on Friday.
Day 7:  Praslin/La Digue, Seychelles
Arrive at 0900 hours. Sail at 1800 hours.
Day 8 & 9:  At sea
Day 10 & 11:  Nosy Bé, Madagascar
Arrive at 0800 hours. Stay overnight on board and sail at 1800 hours on Tuesday.
Day 12:  Mayotte, Comoros
Arrive at 0800 hours. Sail at 1600 hours.
Day 13:  At sea
Day 14:  Zanzibar, Tanzania
Arrive at 0800 hours. Sail at 1800 hours.
Day 15:  Mombasa, Kenya - UK
Early morning arrival and transfer to Mombasa airport for your direct return daytime flight to Gatwick.
Mombasa, Kenya
Mahé, Seychelles
Praslin/La Digue,
Nosy Bé, Madagascar
Mayotte, Comoros
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Cruise Highlights
M.S. Royal Star
At 5,600 tons m.s. Royal Star is a traditional ship of great character with teak decks and a rich interior of polished wood and gleaming brass. Carrying a maximum of just 200 passengers she has a friendly and intimate atmosphere more akin to a private yacht than a quality cruise liner so you will soon get to know your fellow passengers, many of whom hail from European countries as well as other English speaking areas.

Yacht-Like Cruising
M.S. Royal Star is fully stabilised and air-conditioned throughout and is ideal for cruising the islands of the Indian Ocean, as she is able to cruise close to shores and visit intriguing ports often inaccessible to larger ships. More importantly, with so few passengers there is no danger of overwhelming the character and often delicate ecosystem of the islands we visit, thus preserving what one has travelled to experience. Conditions permitting, the bridge is often open to passengers whilst at sea, which typifies the informality and similarly, the dress code is casual most evenings, although there will be one or two occasions when gentlemen will be expected to wear a jacket and tie.

Exemplary Service
With a ship's complement of 130 officers and crew you will be assured of a high standard of service at all times. The Filipino and Indonesian stewards are often praised for their friendly and obliging manner and the European cruise team will ensure that all your needs are catered for. We also have a doctor on board for your peace of mind and a laundry service. A small lift serves all decks except Caribbean and the forward sun deck.


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